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June 20, 2011

Representing Yourself In Divorce - Indiana Divorce Law

The saying goes "he who represents himself has a fool for a client."  I cannot recommend that you represent yourself in a divorce action.  But, I am a divorce lawyer  so of course that is what I am going to say, right?  Consider the Indiana Court of Appeals comment in a custody matter:

We encourage parties facing issues involving the custody of children to obtain counsel to aid in the litigation of custody disputes. Because the court's order has such a profound effect on the lives of the parties and their children, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of presenting sufficient evidence and developing an adequate record.

I have written about the self-service resources available via the Indiana Supreme Court website here

Recently, the Hamilton County Courts published a manual for individuals representing themselves.  While some of the rules referenced in the manual are specific to Hamilton County, most of the manual is not.  It does a good job of describing the manner in which a non-lawyer is expected to conduct him/herself when dealing with the court and opposing parties.  If you are considering representing yourself I encourage you to read it.   

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