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July 27, 2010

New Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines - A Work In Progress

Previously we posted on the Domestic Relations Committee's review of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. There was a public hearing regarding the Guidelines and many people presented their thoughts and proposed revisions. To discuss this further please contact me.

For the most current Parenting Time Guidelines click here.

The Domestic Relations Committee's minutes have a list of topics presented at the hearing being reviewed. Here they are:

  1. Not blindly following the parenting time guidelines (PTG);
  2. Whether there should be a 50/50 presumption of parenting;
  3. Guidelines addressing a special needs child;
  4. Adding a glossary of terms;
  5. Enforcement of parenting time on behalf of the noncustodial parent if parenting time denied by the custodial parent or on behalf of the custodial parent if the child must wait for the noncustodial parent to pick up the child or sporadic parenting time with a child focus on either situation;
  6. Better and more quantifiable measures to determine enforcement issues, better tools for enforcement of parenting time issues and quicker determination of parenting time issue;
  7. Prevention of any changes to the use of the PTG in domestic violence situations; stepparent issues; and alienation issues.
Additionally, the committee has set out a list of provisions of the current PTG's that are being revised as well as the committee member(s) responsible for drafting and the draft due date.  They are:

  1. Holiday schedule Schurger/Lynch July 16, 2010;
  2. Weekends generally/three weekends Schurger/Lynch July 16, 2010;
  3. Summer vacation Lynch/Fee July 16, 2010;
  4. Opportunity for Additional Parenting Time Murray/Love August 20, 2010;
  5. Scheduled Parenting Time To Occur as Planned Love/Fee October 22, 2010;
  6. Enforcement of Parenting Time/Enforcement Love/Fee October 22, 2010;
  7. Presume More Time for Noncustodial Parent (overnights for infants) Raduenz/Young/Fee Nov. 18-19, 2010;
  8. Equal Parenting Time Raduenz/Young Nov. 18-19, 2010;
  9. Distance, Out-of-state Parenting Time Bobay/Hill Nov. 18-19, 2010;
  10. Transportation issues in state Bobay/Hill Nov. 18-19, 2010;
  11. Family Violence/Child Abuse Bobay/Hill January 21, 2011;
  12. One parents speaks negative of other/Alienation Shook/Stalbrink January 21, 2011;
  13. Communication generally/communication about education/Medical/ Virtual parenting time Shook/Stalbrink January 21, 2011;
  14. PTG helps plan ahead/use of calendar/tone of  cooperation Fee/Hill Feb. 18, 2011;
  15. PTG for special needs child(ren) Fee/Hill Feb. 18, 2011;
  16. Relocation Bobay March 18, 2011; and
  17. Make up time Bobay.
The committee is certainly reviewing many of the issues we see in our cases.  What have they missed?  What do you think are the most important important changes to make?  Please and I'll post regarding the feedback I receive.